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HOME  >  PRODUCTS  >  Nano crystalline Toroidal Core for HF Power Transformer

Nano crystalline Toroidal Core for HF Power Transformer
Product Options
  • > welding machine:low core loss
Product Details

Key Properties:

  • High saturate induction reduce volume of transformers
  • High permeability and low coercivity improve efficiency,
  • lower exciting power and reduce copper loss
  • Low core loss reduce temperature rise of transformers
  • Excellent thermal stability with the serving temperature of -55C-130C for long time
  • LOWEST  CORE  LOSS :   P <6W/Kg @ 20KHz,0.5T , P<9W/Kg @ 20KHz, 1T, P<5W/Kg @ 35KHz,0.5T, P<14W/Kg @ 35KHz,1T
  •  High Bs =1.4T ,  low Br <10mT,  Low Hc <1A/m , u=10000

Main Application:

• Inverter welding machines
• X-Ray and laser source power supplies
• Communication power supplies
• High frequency heating systems
• Electrolytic and plating power supplies


Not only power transformer cores, but transformer we are specialized in. Power Transformer Cores for Welding Machine with Standard Size in the market, details as below below:

More magnetic components for welding machine:


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