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Split Core Current Transformer
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  • > split-core current transformers:Clamp CT
Product Details

Key Properties:

1. Inherit the simple structure of the traditional C cores

2. Clamp-on core design, safer, easier installation, portable, don’t need to cut of the grid-power when adjust the inductance.

3. Comparing other materials, with high accuracy, due to nanocrystalline high permeability.

4. Energy conservation & environment protection, huge potential market

Main Application:

Our Split-core current transformer can be mounted to existing panels, such as control centers or load centers, to measure or monitor wattage. Which is widely used for:

  • Current Measurement
  • Electrical loading monitoring
  • Energy and sub-metering products
  • Network equipment
  • Instruments and sensors
  • Control System
  • Go GREEN initiatives

Flexible Design:

1. Various shape design supported

2. Our workshop produce form Split Core, to Split current Transformer

3. Customised Size as request. Our Common Standard CTs & dimentions for your first reference as below:

We can design & produce goods based on specifications & drawing, specification needed including:

1. Bare core size, Size finished, special Min. Hole size.

2. Split CT Turns ratio, accuracy

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