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Current Sensor
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  • > High accuracy:Precision current sensor
Product Details

Split Core CTs Simplify Upgrades and Retrofits With No Loss of Accuracy

Current transformer with DC-capabilitt

Performance characteristics and application aeras:

Epoxy resin molding encapsulation, good mechanical property and insulation property ; applicable for a wide range of current, exlremely high linearily and stable phase error : High precision under micro current state wilh anti direct component ability ; Anil DC electric energy meter end anti direct component AC measuring meter meet the standards of class-1 of 1EC61036.

Why choice us ?

CE UL ETL, have good reputation in the market.
Our 60A/0.333V split core ct's accuracy can catch 0.3%, and it's price is the lowest on the market.
We still have very low current split core ct, 5A/0.333V, accuracy can reach within 0.5%.
Since2009, have rich experience, 4-20mA/0.333V/0-10V/0-5V output we all have.

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