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HOME  >  PRODUCTS  >  DC Current Immunity single cores (AI)for electronic energy meter

DC Current Immunity single cores (AI)for electronic energy meter
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Product Details

DC Current Immunity single cores (AI)


  • Made by single magnetic materials with constant permeability
    (μ= 1400-2000)

2、Magnetic features:

  • Strong immunity for DC current,Applicable current range (1.5A-200A)
  • High linearity, High accuracy class, Applicable transformer accuracy range
    0.5-0.1 Class
  • Good temperature stability
  • Core size saving by Volume and weight


  • DC current immunity transformers in electronic energy meter / watt-hour
  • Metering transformer in electronic power system

4、Standard cores dimensions, Applicable CT accuracy , Maximal DC
current immunity range

Notes: For your reference, the standard parameters above may vary according to your
specifically designed turns and coil diameter of the transformer. We could design and
manufacture the suitable cores according to your exact requirement.

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