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Guangzhou Amorphous  Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a set research and development, production and sales of various electronic automation equipment,

specialized in manufacturing enterprises. Company was established in 2009, strong technical force, to the success of the industry launched,

thermal finished varistor automatic test sorting machine, NTC test sorting machine, soft magnetic ferrite ring (permalloy toroid, silicon steel sheet magnetic ring,

non amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic) automatic testing and sorting machine, magnetic arrangement machine, high test sorting machine, by our customers praise and praise!

The company has always been adhering to a new * people-oriented, technological innovation, quality first, excellence, enterprise culture, to create first-class brand,

the company after many years of unremitting efforts and innovation, in 2009 successfully developed, amorphous nanocrystalline and silicon steel sheet automatic winding machine,

automatic winding machine, permalloy automatic winding machine dispensing, dispensing machine, box test production line, bare core test sorting machine, cutting machine,

magnetic core, magnetic ring spraying equipment, appearance inspection equipment, automatic heating wire winding machine, automatic cutting machine,

trademark trademark automatic shear folding machine, and a series of non-standard equipment, the company has a number of pragmatic refinement personnel,

to provide the best quality products for the electronics industry development, to meet the needs of target customers, assist customers to create higher efficiency,

in good faith, strength and quality of products, First-class after-sales service to win the majority of customers trust and support!






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